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Dear rockhounds, insect- and nature hobbyists !

You've arrived to Stone Gallery Lunnikivi's homepage and my name is Pekka Lunnikivi. I am one of the authors of book "Hio kivet koruiksi" (Cut stones to jewellery) that was published on 17.6.98 in Finland by Edita.

Stone Gallery Lunnikivi is a wide stone and insect exhibition in Hämeenlinna, Southwestern Finland. On display we have minerals, stones, gems, ores and industrial stones from numerous mines and quarries especially from Finland, but also all over the world.

Specimens vary from stones You can find on Your own yard to extremely rare or unique pieces. Our exhibition also includes fossiles, synthetic gems and self-made jewellery. On insect-part of our show there's hundreds of Finnish butterflies, tens of foreign butterflies and dozens of other insects.

By clicking small pictures below You can see some stones and insects that are displayed.

At the moment we have on display over 10 000 stone specimens and the number is increasing weekly. Showtables are together over 50 meters long!

We have also jewellery, jewellery accessories, rare minerals and - of course the "Hio kivet koruiksi"-book for sale.

On these pages You will see a little sample of our gallery. If you want to see more You'd better come and see Yourself. Our contact details are in the left frame and price-list is in the part "What we offer to You." You are welcome to our gallery!

© Stone Gallery Lunnikivi   1998 - 2024